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Dave – “Psychodrama” [ALBUM REVIEW]

psychodrama album review
Dave's Psychodrama cements his talent as the perfect debut album. In the UK our political institutions struggle to find an answer to age old questions about British identity and our place in the world. After years of government cuts to publicly funded outreach groups, education...

James Blake – “Assume Form” [ALBUM REVIEW]

assume form album review
James Blake's Assume Form brings the integrity of emotion through love, lust, and compassion. James Blake returns with his new album, the follow up to 2016’s The Colour in Anything. His previous album was an ethereally sad piece of work in which the music and production...

The Top 5 Most Anticipated Hip-Hop And R&B Albums In 2019

5 most anticipated albums 2019
Preempt for 2019 with our top picks for the most anticipated projects of the year. Well it is 2019 now, last year was one of the best years in music I have witnessed with stellar releases from Cardi B, Travis Scott and Janelle Monae, amongst...

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YNW Melly Could Face Death Penalty For Double Murder

YNW Melly is facing the death penalty from the state of Florida. It's been a catastrophic sequence of events for YNW Melly's rap career. A...