Police have arrested the second suspect in XXXTENTACION’s shooting.

The ongoing investigation for X is quite an extensive one and all sprung when the 20 year old was cold blooded killed in raw daylight last month. Towards the end of last month we reported that cops arrested the first suspect who wasn’t expected to be the triggerman, and today the Broward County Sheriff’s Police Dept. make the arrest on the suspected gunman.

According to TMZ, 22 year old Michael Boatwright was arrested on a first degree murder warrant on July 10th, 2018. Detectives state that Boatwright is a gunman in X’s murder, and are currently searching for a second shooter.

Boatwright was also arrested on July 5th for a gun charge, where he was caught red handed due to a DNA warrant (which he matched). Detectives are still on the search for 22 year old Robert Allen, who is also a person in interest. Stay tuned as we get more details on the XXXTENTACION murder investigation.

michael boatwright mugshot
Michael Boatwright Mugshot

Featured Image by Jack McKain