QC’s Jordan Hollywood shows no fear towards hip hop.

In the late days of 2018, Jordan Hollywood dropped off a solid tape that has him buzzing around the industry. He shows his true competence when writing pen on paper, and his lyricism is pure fuel towards the image he portrays as an artist. His laid back appeal and unorthodox sound is giving him leverage in terms of success, and he’s only getting started. FINALLY put Jordan’s talent on full display throughout the deep and dark project, and he just released the visuals for arguably one of the hottest tracks titled “Explosion”. You can check that below, along with our exclusive interview with the Quality Control signee. Stream his latest album here.

How is Jordan Hollywood shaping the hip-hop culture in the South?

Pushing boundaries musically and visually.

How does “FINALLY!” portray your success and come up?

It shows growth it shows how far you can get with great music

Scrutiny is live and well within the industry, how do you unnerve the potential towards slip-ups in the public eye?

Think twice, shit three times before doing anything. Keep a small circle, and don’t get to drunk when you go out lol.

What’s your message you plan to spread to your audience?

Never give up and change people’s lives.

Would you consider yourself a lyricist in virtue? Or is your angle more laid back?

I definitely consider myself a lyricist. I do it laid back though. A lot of rappers that are amazing lyricists have music that be hard to catch a vibe to. I know how to make great SONGS while being lyrical… never dumbing down my lyrics to make a turn up song.

What is your mindset everytime you hit the studio? What inspires this mindset?

My mindset is what can I do today to push my sound further. I experiment a lot and I try random mics and preamps. I use random pianos and synths.  New sounds always inspire me so I’m always looking for a fresh way to hear my voice and the sounds in the beats.

The “FINALLY” music video is quite dark and deep. Does this define the type of vibe you’re bringing to the game?

That’s how I was feeling. I bring so many different vibes. I don’t want to be dark all the time I don’t want to be happy all the time ether I just do what I feel at the moment.

What is the imagery portrayed in the “EXPLOSION” video, and how does that resonate with the track’s title?

When you mix different emotions with alcohol it creates an explosion.  In the video it’s just me trying to escape the negatively in my life.

How has signing to QC changed your life?

They gave me a platform. They gave me a bag.

How do you perceive the music scene in Broward County? Where do you rank on the list of artists coming out of SoFlo in terms of quality?

I don’t think Broward is about quality I think it’s more about authenticity and an organic feel.

Betrayal seems to play a major part in your lyrics. Why is this held as such a deep virtue to your message?

Music comes from emotions and that has to be one of the worst feelings ever. Being betrayed turned me into a savage. I use that energy to snap.

Where do you see your career in 5 years from now?

In an amazing place being able to take care of my family at the highest level!

Finally, where does your most recent project rank against what is to come from your camp?

I’m not here to compete against people in my camp. It’s us vs. everyone else.