Darrin Velez

  • Several is not going to be saved because they did not think in our Savior. Stay away from these individuals at all expenses.The important to our achievement is getting strong within the Lord and also the energy of His might. We need to proclaim Jesus towards the Muslim individuals. The truth about Jesus must be told to everyone about He died for…[Read more]

  • They don’t know the Lord nor our Savior Jesus Christ. It will be a terrible time and souls will probably be lost for the enemy. The book of Revelation prophecies clearly tell us to keep away from these people.We need to be diligent in informing the Muslim folks about Jesus. They have to know the truth about Jesus and His death and resurrection.…[Read more]

  • Revelation Bible prophecy is very distinct and in depth as to how elements will be. They are going to be arrogant and proud. The world will be filled up with those who have no self-control. They’re going to have outrageous celebrations.People will seek simply to satisfy themselves and will ignore the Lord. Drunkards and also idol worshippers are…[Read more]

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