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    Selling a used car to the best car buyer in order to get a reasonable amount against the sale of your car is an art. Many people do not know the art of how to sell a car smartly and simply hire the car dealer to sell the car. Like everything has pros and cons, same is the case with hiring the gadai bpkb motor services of any car dealer. The…[Read more]

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    There is a vast variety of dishes that Japanese cuisine offers. There are also many regional specialties. Having lived in Japan for many years taught me which dishes are best for summer and which are best for winter. I remember the apartment that I rented when I first came to Japan. It was just below the mountain and just beside a stream. The view…[Read more]

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    Talking of weddings, you can picture in mind a very special day for couples in love. You may be imagining a day when your fairy tale dream comes true. You think of it as an event where couples are the main actor and actress. In making this dream a reality, lots of preparation needs to be done. In attending into the details for the big day, make…[Read more]

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    Coffee is by far one of the world’s most popular and loved beverages. According to Wirthlin Worldwide (a market research company), North Americans consume on average 1.8 cups of coffee per day. Compare this to our water consumption. It is recommended to consume on average 8-10 8oz glasses of “living water” (ie. mineral rich, slightly alkaline,…[Read more]

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