Sad, sad days.

It seems like the hip hop industry was just getting to know Atlanta rapper OG Maco on the mainstream terms. We’ve received a plethora amount of content from Maco in his career, but it looks like his journey is being cut short.

Just today, OG Maco announced that he’s going AFK from the hip hop industry. His inner battles and tribulations have caused a feud with himself, and he officially shares with fans that he’s retiring.

Mattox rose to massive fame with his hit single “U Guessed It”, receiving a ton of buzz since. Maco took to Twitter for the announcement, claiming he needs to focus on his soul and peace. He wants to be a normal human again. “This is something I’ve been deciding for a while and the reason I haven’t dropped a project in quite some time.”

Luckily OG Maco tells fans that he’ll be unloading his complete arsenal of music in the vault once cover arts are made. He then thanks his supportive fanbase for his success, but the monotone style of his writing is quite sad. Read his heartfelt Tweets below, and be ready as we await his multiple pieces of work hitting streaming services later this year.

Featured Image via Instagram