Stream Sir Hop’s “B.O.M.S.A.”

Sir Hop is an up and coming, independent artist out of Atlanta. He has been grinding in the underground for quite some time. This dedicated young artist has been putting out some fire material. Today, he is featured as an official Rhyme Riser as we take a look at his dope track “B.O.M.S.A.”

In this new track titled B.O.M.S.A. (Back On My Sh*t Again), Sir Hop hits the listener with an uptempo flow consisting of fire verses. The young artist unleashes his charismatic bars all over the extravagant production. Overall this track is fire all the way from the verses, the hook, and the production. Sir Hop’s potential has no limits, so get hip to him.

Check out this dope track from Sir Hop and see what you think. Stay tuned to see who is featured next as an official Rhyme Riser.

Sir Hop – “B.O.M.S.A.