Stream “Amiri” from Soulja Boy.

2018 saw light for a new spark in Soulja Boy’s career, and he keeps his prevalence through many mediums. He even released an entire video game console line, titled the SouljaGame consoles, which nearly broke the internet upon their release.

Today he goes into 2019 with a bash, dropping off a new mainstream-ready single. The track brings a signature Soulja sound, but a style flip is found on the brilliant key control from Marvin Cruz. He pays homage to the AMIRI fashion line as he flexes his luxury through raw lyrics.

Soulja is well on his way to have another big hit in his name, and we can expect a ton of content from the veteran rapper in the near future. Check his newest track above via Audiomack, or peep it on Soundcloud below.

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soulja boy amiri stream
Soulja Boy – “Amiri”