Soulja Boy Claims The Biggest Comeback Of 2018


Is Soulja Boy the Godfather of the new wave?

Soulja Boy’s 2018 served to be one of his best in the recent years, and the self proclaimed entrepreneur-rapper has built his image into something great. Last year he released multiple electronic items like the SouljaGame Console & the SouljaWatch, but musically he leads the way for much of the younger gen.

In his recent interview on the Breakfast Club, Soulja explains his mindset, lifestyle, and prior beefs he had with industry top heads. He addresses Tyga, Kanye West, Chris Brown, and Drake all within the hour, stating he started the spark of what today’s hip hop has become.

He’s quite right in essence, being the first to digitally go diamond, pioneering the YouTube scene, and originating the sound/flow/style of the new wave. The full interview is jam packed with information on the current state of the veteran rapper, but his comeback has been more prevalent than ever. Let’s expect a big 2019 for Soulja Boy.