Tory Lanez punches fan during his live performance on the Memories Don’t Die Tour.

If you’ve ever been to a Tory concert, you know just the kind of fierce energy this man brings to his performances. He’s always wildin’ out, usually using the venue as a jungle gym in essence.

He’s currently on tour in support of his sophomore album Memories Don’t Die, and just hit up his hometown of Toronto last night at the Rebel Night Club. In recently surfaced videos, T Lanez can be seen lashing out at a fan in the crowd, wailing on them for a few punches.

We don’t have word on what caused the outbreak, but shortly after he plunged at the fan Tory calmed things down for the fans and took back control of the situation. Watch the Tory Lanez fight video for yourself below, and stay tuned as we get more details on the incident.

Featured Image via Instagram