Trippie Redd has been arrested after he reportedly hit a girl with his pistol.

There’s no question when it comes to Trippie Redd’s prominence this year, and just today he was named a 2018 XXL Freshman. Instead of celebrating today, Trippie may be held in jail until the girl in this report has a trial.

It isn’t clear if these two are related, but Trippie was also arrested after he and Lil Wop allegedly beat FDM Grady. Trippie is in some more hot water with this girl’s claim. She made a short video explaining her claim, stating that she arrived to a house to hang with Trippie, his girlfriend Angvish, and more. She was then greeted by her friend CJ when Trippie and Ang came downstairs.

Beef sprung full out as this unnamed girl and Angvish got in a verbal fight, which she also stated that the two did not mess with each other as of a week prior. It was then that Trippie stepped in and hit her across the head with a pistol, and she fell to the floor after hitting the door. Trippie was later arrested and resides in the Fulton County jail. It isn’t sure if any of these claims are true quite yet, but stay tuned as we get more details on the case. Check out this girl’s coming out video below, along with a short snippet of Trippie’s actual arrest.


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