Stream “Staying Power” by Wale above.

Even at 33 years of age, Wale has seemed to always stay on top as a top tier artist in the hip hop industry. His effortless approach to his desired fanbase has allowed his success throughout his career, and he speaks truth on his power he has had in the years of rapping.

The lyricist brings a soothing production, signature to his own style but stepping into an entire new zone. Wale keeps it real, stating he can “out rap all of his opponents” claiming his spot in the game.

Last time we saw the DC rapper was on his track “All Star Break Up” prior to the NBA All Star Weekend, spitting about a heartbreak. Stream his newest track above, and be on the prowl for a new project from Wale at some point this year.

staying power
Wale – “Staying Power”