21 Savage signs his first major record label deal.

With two platinum hits in 2016, X and No Heart, it was about time 21 goes mainstream. 21 Savage took to the Rap Radar Podcast to explain that he has signed his first major label deal, also detailing what’s to come from young Savage. 21 Savage is now signed with Epic Records.

Though 21 is caught up in beef with copycat 22 Savage, 21 doesn’t seem to be phased. Savage also explained his relationship with Drake has been an ongoing friendship long before their “Sneakin” collaboration.


Drake genuine. I feel like he’s a genuine person.

21 has a bunch in store for the future, and we may see his debut studio album hit streaming services and hard copies in 2017. Stay tuned as 21 Savage ventures into his mainstream career.

Featured Image Via Instagram