21 Savage responds to the rumors of him getting knocked out in Arizona.

A 21 Savage appearance in an Arizona club turned ugly this past Saturday. 21’s vibe and energy angered some of the club go-er’s causing many bottles, chairs, and other objects to be thrown at the stage. Rumor says 21 and his bodyguard both got knocked out during the rumble.

Although not performing, 21’s hosting job was not sub-par. In the clip below you can see a video of 21’s low energy and little interest to the club atmosphere. Mobbing to his hit song “X,” 21 seems very bored and not interacting with the crowd.

When some fans got mad and objects went flying, all hell broke loose. In the video below you can watch the video. Some people say the man lying on the floor is 21 but that is unconfirmed.

There have been reports of 21 suffering an injury during the hosting, though there hasn’t been any hard evidence. According to MediaTakeOut, 21 was knocked out by a thrown glass bottle. Below is 21’s response to the situation as he denies all the claims.

Image Via Instagram