Check out 24hrs & Blackbear’s latest track “Regina George”

Now that 2017 has wrapped up, many artists are looking to bring their A-game into 2018. Proving their prominence in 2017, both upcomers 24hrs & Blackbear are both bleeding into the ears of the hip-hop listener. Seen on previous collaborations together, both rappers are back with a new track to open up the year “Regina George.”

Bouncing into a bright and fun year, the track reflects just that. With a jitty guitar riff melody, and some summer-feel 808’s, the new track differentiates itself from the usually moody and dark Blackbear track.

As rumored, there might be a full length collaboration project between the two artists titledĀ 24bears which would be super exciting to see from the young talent. In the meantime, “Regina George,” can be streamed full up top.