5 NEW Projects You’re Probably Sleeping On


Today we get flustered with so many new music/projects/tapes/artists that sometimes it gets hard to keep up with all the new material.

Sometimes the underground heat doesn’t get enough credit. Many artists that aren’t considered “mainstream” are the artists you can find the most meaning in the production, lyrics, and beats. New artists can be just as good as the ones you hear on the radio. So our editors picked their 5 projects that you’re probably sleeping on.

5The Stone Junction EP

The star rising duo Audio Push is certainly making their mark in the industry with the release of their latest most underrated project The Stone Junction EP. Oktane and Price the masterminds behind the EP share their unique voices over heavy production with lots of help from big artists like Trae tha Truth, Kap G, BMac The Queen and more. If your looking for a a tracklist full of high energy bass vibrators then this EP is definitely one for you. Laced with 7 tracks Push’s fast verse’s and low cracked voices accompany the beats well. The duo exchange verse on an electro beat over all their songs. The beat switches are really what separate this project than any other artist. The way they integrate a completely different switch in the middle of the song in songs like BBQ Spot and Bring The Noise, is a new path that Hip-Hop will take in the future. Stream The Stone Junction EP and look for those beat switches…

Stream “The Stone Junction”

4The Introduction

The highly talented Cleveland emcee Elijah, showed us his true colors and his place in the hip-hop world with his debut project EP, The Introduction. Laced with 5 track’s the Very Rare Records signee show’s the world his ability to go over any beat. This EP has high versatility making each track different. Elijah’s wide range of vocals and lyrics, combined with each unique sounding song make this EP standout than any other underground project. From deep, Electronic-heavy production in songs like “Fade Away,” and “Bodies of the Light” to light guitar stringed melody with heavy bass in “Struggle,” and “Wanna Be,” there is definitely a track to please anyone. Truly a slept on project for the very young rapper but a great building block to start on for his path to stardom. Stream The Introduction below.

Stream “The Introduction”

3Customized Greatly Vol. 4

Fresh out of Inglewood, California brings young talented Casey Veggies. Veggies really puts out in his fourth installment to his fan favorite “Customized Greatly” series. CG4’s incredible energy and style is what sets this project from his other’s. Each unique song shows Veggies progression and diversity as a growing rapper. There may not be a a lasting concept or message to the whole tape but instead, renders itself as a musical collage of Veggies as an artist. On songs like “New Jack City” and “Street Fame” we get that bar-heavy Veggies that will have your head bobbing like crazy. On other songs like “Can’t Get Enough” feat. Tory Lanez, and “All Night” feat. Ty Dolla $ign, Veg delivers killer radio beats that has no problem creating an easy banger to turn up with the homies. Production is definitely all over the place from Hit-Boy to Drumma Boy but each track cuts from one beat to another gracelessly. The lack of concept results in a concept of its own. For the avid Veggies fan this was an incredible treat but to a new listener this tape is a great starter to learn Veggies lyrical talent and style. Stream Customized Greatly Vol. 4: The Return Of The Boy below.

Stream “Customized Greatly 4”

2Kilt 3

The self made success of Iamsu! has only just begun for the young Tampa rapper. Young Su’s sophomore album Kilt 3 shares everything we need to know about his ability as a lyricist and beat maker. Mostly self produced Su not only crafts his lyrics but the sound to go with it. Packed a few radio hits Su attempts to pave his own lane through the hip-hop world. Su’s lively production and knack for melodies shine through in this project. Each song crafted to be a club-hit, with big baselines, and sweet fast melodies. Song’s like “The Feel,” and “Make You Understand,” smooth, heavy with ad-libs. Su forging a mixtape-like LP with hits from start to finish. Su’s skill as a self-producer really shows in his stronger tracks “Hella Good,” and “Up All Night,” both high produced with features from Problem, Tyga and some HBK member’s. Iamsu! shows his heavy talent as a lyricist to compete with big names even without a record deal. Make sure to check out Iamsu!’s latest album Kilt 3

Stream “Kilt 3”

1 Church Clothes Vol. 3 

The Christian rapper Lecrae kept it real on his newest project Church Clothes 3. After his debut studio album Anomaly, Lecrae brings features like E-40 on his newest album. Church Clothes 3 shows a more commercial side of the Christian rap but keeps his place in Hip Hop as he makes room in the real Hip Hop scene. Not many Christian rappers, if any, are respected in the Hip Hop scene. Lecrae has been the first to really show himself by his flow and his close to perfect production with Christian lyrics. Everything accommodates his great voice. Songs like “It Is What It Is” shows exactly how Lecrae has a place in the Hip Hop game. Lecrae will continue to bring serious fire as he jumps through the Christian-Hip Hop barrier, and has already proved why he should be respected as a Hip Hop artist.