The Light

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60 East & Ariano team up for a new single “The Light”

In a community where we are constantly glorifying addiction and drug use, the epidemic has only grown in the past years. Fortunately, rappers are continously bringing light to the situation, spreading thier expirience and knowledge against drug use that has killed so many Americans. 60 East has teamed up with Ariano to show us the “Light,” on the other side.

In a soft somber croon, LA’s 60 East lays down his bars on his partners painful journey overcoming drug use. Taking on the soulful hook, the SoCal vet Ariano serenades her listener’s to overcome the past and take on the future bright and positive.

“The Light” is the lead single off of the Circles EP by 60 East and Ariano. Produced by Ariano, 60 East takes to the first chapter of the Circles EP with the ups and downs and the fight and the love of relationships.

The Light
60 East & Ariano – The Light

60 East: