Amine is here for the summer with ONEPOINTFIVE.

In his stride to success, Amine is proving he’s not just a one hit wonder with “Caroline”, rather an enhancer when it comes to music curation. He’s fresh off the release of his EP/LP/Mixtape/Album OnePointFive, which has gained a ton of attraction since its release.

Today he gets on the Facetime with Beats 1’s Ebro, claiming his stance on the industry and spilling more deets on his new project. The quad-effort project serves as the middle stone to his sophomore album, sticking as the halfway point from his freshman album.

Amine tells Ebro on the project’s curation, stating his team wanted to release new content before his forthcoming album as they were in Hawaii working hard on both projects. Time will tell, but with how his new project is sounding, we can’t wait to see what he’s got in store for his next album. Peep Amine’s Beats 1 interview above, or check their FT call below. Keep your eyes peeled for more specifics on his next project.

Ebro on Apple Music’s Beats 1