Stream “Money Bags Freestyle” (Dean Blunt Meditation) by A$AP Rocky above.

The hype around Flacko Season is overwhelming, and it may have the most mixed reviews from his fanbase. He’s seemed to shy away from that “roll-up” Rocky we know, instead bringing a smoother flow with soft-hearted vocals.

His new effort and campaign heading into the release of his next album is, well, weird. His first release of “5IVE $TAR$” feat. DRAM had an artwork that titled “Testing”, and the Soundcloud description read “Testing coming soon”. Shortly after, Rocky released his track “Above”, which featured a new cover that reads “DUMMIE” which is on his newest track as well.

Its uncertain on a release, title, or general campaign for the project. It is very serious, but Rocky’s team is clearly cooking up something for the near future. Rocky’s manager took to Instagram to detail the process, stating “Thank You for the data, currently processing…”. This may mean that a test is going on, trying out and exercising Rocky’s newly found sound. Stream his newest track above, and stay tuned as we await more details on Rocky’s new album.

money bags freestyle
A$AP Rocky – “Money Bags Freestyle” (Dean Blunt Meditation)