Stream My Turn III (MT3) by Audio Push above.

Audio Push had quite a 2016, especially with their debut album 90951. Now, the music starts back up for 2017 with a third installment to the “My Turn” series. MT3 brings a versatile flow over pre-made production.

With a ton of remixes in store like Caroline, Fade, By Chance, Way Back, and more, AP brings some of their best bars. The MC’s step outside of their Tribal-styled flow and hop on some of the hottest hip hop hits of today.

Both Oktane and Price-Tag bring a lyrical-enticed project based on making each song that much better. The remixes are definite bumps for the car, but the Audio Push twist is something to be remembered. Stream My Turn 3 above.

My Turn 3
Audio Push – My Turn 3