Bas Dopamine Video Too High to Riot

Bas and Cozz deliver a new visual for “Dopamine”

Bas released his sophomore album Too High To Riot in March of this year, but today (oct. 4th) we are getting a new video for “Dopamine.”

Bas discussed his inspiration for his album with Complex earlier this year saying “It’s really about just those sobering moments. I think we live in almost a fantasy world. You’re traveling the world, getting all this love from your fans, getting all this support from people, making money. You’re living this fantasy lifestyle, and then you can get snapped out of it in a phone call. You know, just get some bad news you weren’t around for—-someone you care about passing away, someone going to jail, your girlfriend tripping. It’s about all of those things.”

The Dreamville duo find themselves spitting bars while the visual displays a majestic blue sky. There are other various activities are going on in the city around them. Unfortunately, the video is only available if you have a subscription to Tidal. If you have one, you can check the video up top, but if not you can watch a 30 second clip of the video. Stay tune for updates on the Dreamville artists.