The rumors are true. Beanie Sigel really did get knocked out by a Dreamchaser member.

With the entire beef and scuffle between The Game and Meek Mill, their boys are clearly not having it. With Game’s diss track of 92 Bars, Meek fired back with an Ooouuu Remix, then Game had at it on the most recent diss track Pest Control (Meeky Mous Diss).

But wait, Beanie Sigel was featured on Meek’s diss track? What on earth.

Well, Beanie Sigel allegedly told The Game some classified information about the Dreamchasers crew. This is why on of Meek’s homeboys turned on Beanie.

The assault took place backstage at the Bad Boy concert in Philadelphia where Beanie was live. He actually recovered in time to perform.

Check the video below and formulate your own thoughts on the whole beef below:
 Featured Image by Mika-photography (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons