Listen To Beanie Sigel & The Game Convo About Meek Mill


Check out this new video of Beanie Sigel & The Game convo about about Meek Mill.

Just when this beef was about to blow over, some exclusive audio of a private conversation between The Game & Beanie Sigel dissing Meek Mill. Oppositely taken from a State Property affiliate, this video shows a phone conversation between the two rappers although its not specified when the call took place.

In the duration of the phone call Game oppositely says “He violated me, my n*gga.” Beanie responds with “You got every right to do whatever you want to do to Meek … I could give two shits. We not making no paper with Meek, he ain’t trying to do nothing for me. He ain’t call me to ask me to do a record or nothing.”

The phone call is very vague but enough to get social media buzzing. As we wait for the drop of DC4, hopefully they can move past this and focus on the music.

Check the clip above.