Stream Bekay’s new track 2016 Year In Review above.

Taking a new stance on Fat Joe and Remy Ma’s All The Way Up, the remix brings a lyrical-enticed track to cap off 2016. The song brings light to all that went down in 2016, with Bekay titling 2016 as the worst year ever.

Bekay references damn-near all of what happened in ‘16, from the Suicide Squad movie and its lead actress (Margot Robbie), to Marco Rubio sweating during the debates, to Pokemon Go taking over the mobile landscape.

Most of the lyrics are aimed towards President-Elect Donald Trump, with a few fired-up verses for the mix. In conclusion, Bekay ends on a light note hoping for the best for this country. Stream 2016 Year In Review above by Bekay and see if you agree with the lyricism.

2016 Year In Review
Bekay – 2016 Year In Review