Nas Bet Series

BET Will Pilot New Series Based On Nas’ Life

Last week, BET’s “New Edition Story” was very successful. Now, BET is looking to do something similar, but this time about the life of Nas. Tuesday, Deadline reported that BET has the green light to go forward with another music-related series.

The series will be titled Street Dreams. It will be an hour long show based on the life of Nas. This show won’t be in documentary form. According to Deadline, it will show a young man growing up in the Queensbridge projects that will rise as a famous rapper. Obviously the hour long show will entail more details around Nas’ life then just that. There is not many more details that have been released about the series except that it’s for sure going to happen. It should be interesting to see an actor portray a young and hungry Nas in the streets of Queens.

Are you excited about this upcoming show? Stay tuned and we’ll fill you in on any updates about it.