BJ The Chicago Kid releases a new single “Uncle Marvin” in tribute to Marvin Gaye.

Scoring three Grammy nominations, BJ The Chicago Kid is living the high life right now. Off the release of his debut albumĀ In My Mind, the LP gained the nomination for Best R&B album, Best R&B performance, and Best traditional R&B performance. Tributing to his idol Marvin Gaye, BJ celebrates the occasion with a tender blues track “Uncle Marvin.”

Sampling Marvin Gaye’s “Cleo’s Aprtment,” BJ delivers a soft blues track singing to his special woman who he loves unconditionally. With a tender piano melody filling the background, and a low choir in the back, BJ a quire’s his stunning voice for a nice romantic track.

Unfortunately this is one of the few tracks BJ, has come out with this year along with “Woman’s World,” earlier this year. Hopefully we will see more light in 2017, but for now you can stream the new single above.

Uncle Marvin
BJ The Chicago Kid – Uncle Marvin