Bryson Tiller Reminisces On His New Video For “Exchange”


This Exchange Video shows that soft felt R&B with trippy beats production that Bryson Tiller does so well.

The young R&B artist that blew up overnight is back at it with with a soft hearted video for Exchange. The Exchange video dives in to the premises on what TRAPSOUL was all about as an album.

Bryson Tiller‘s long lasting love for a girl he can’t get back is spoken about and is the main theme behind TRAPSOUL. No visual could better capture that theme than this Exchange video.

Throughout the video, it shows how Bryson is still reminiscing on past events with a girl that he cannot stop thinking about. It eats him alive and his burning passion for hip hop is mixed in with a lost love.

After his hit single Don’t, Exchange showed to be a second best for fans off his debut mixtape TRAPSOUL. Bryson is slowly killing the game with his new flow, and will soon show to be a top competitor as an artist. Watch Bryson Tiller‘s Exchange Video above.