Bryson Tiller Says His Sophomore Album Is Almost Done

Bryson Tiller sophomore album

Bryson Tiller says he is “almost done,” with his new project on the way.

Word has been quite ever since the reminisce of TRAPSOUL, hit the media for Bryson Tiller. But this Tuesday, Tiller took to Instagram for a very vague post of him in a closet titled “album almost done.”

Being just over a year since the release of the platinum LP TS, Young Tiller might just be ready for more. “Let Me Explain,” a track Tiller dropped a few weeks ago might be the first song of the next album. Another theory for the sophomore album was an Instagram post back in may titled “She’s Got My Soul,” Tiller said, followed by a “coming soon.” Speculations say this is will be the album title.

Stay tuned for more news on the upcoming project and check out the Instagram post below.

album almost done

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