Cardi B and Offset’s marriage just took a complete 180.

While hip hop’s most popular power couple has been holding to their own for months on end, news has finally come out that the two have been married for months. TMZ reported earlier today that a close source told them about the marriage.

There are reportedly marriage licenses dating back to September 2017, which was a month prior to their engagement announcement. The heat still expanding surrounding the couple, especially when Cardi B is expecting her child in the next month or two.

One day the two woke up when Offset asked her to marry him, and the two got married in their bedroom on the same day. Cardi B even confirmed the message, taking to Twitter to explain that this moment she wanted to keep to herself shows the nosey media wrongdoings. She explains that this was the reasoning behind her debut album’s titled Invasion Of Privacy. Check Cardi’s Tweet below for verification, more on this as it develops.

Featured Image via Instagram