casey veggies cg5

Stream CG5 from Casey Veggies.

The final chapter. Casey Veggies is ending his beautiful collection of Customized Greatly with the fifth installment, also serving as the last. From Sleeping In Class to Life Changes to CG Vol. 1-4, Casey Veggies discography speaks for itself. That’s not even to mention his artistic approach to his unique style.

In fact, we’re only talking about his mixtapes on this front, with only two studio LPs to his name. We’re met with features from Wiz Khalifa, D Smoke, Nno, and Tink across the talentful 12 track project. Let’s expect Casey to only go up from here, so keep on the lookout. For now take a listen to his newest project above on Spotify, or below on Apple Music, Tidal, and more.