Chance The Rapper‘s latest mixtape Coloring Book has been trending across the nation and has everybody talking about it.  The mixtape in now eligible for a Grammy Nomination due to rule changes.  But Chance is not stopping at just releasing a mixtape.

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Early this morning, (Tuesday, June 21, 2016), Chance announced his new tour for Coloring Book on social media called, “The Magnificent Coloring World Tour.”

You can buy pre-sale tickets Here.

These are the following dates and cities. (As of June 21, 2016)

09-15 San Deigo, CA

09-17 Los Angeles, CA

09-18 Las Vegas, NV

09-20 Denver, CO

09-21 Kansas City, MO

TBD Chicago, IL

09-25 Detroit, MI

09-27 Toronto, ON

09-29 Boston, MA

10-02 New York, NY

10-06 Washington D.C.

10-07 Raleigh, NC

10-08 Atlanta, GA

10-10 Miami, FL

10-13 New Orleans, LA

10-15 Houston, TX

10-16 Dallas, TX

10-19 Phoenix, AZ

10-21 San Francisco, CA

Europe & Australia Coming Soon