Congrats Chance The Rapper!

In the light of the peak of Chance’s career, his sheer prominence has left him labeled as one of today’s top tier artists. His rise to success is due to the heavy versatility and raw talent seen on every one of Chance’s projects.

Yesterday Chance was back in his hometown of Chicago to celebrate the fourth of July, where he ultimately ended up proposing to his girlfriend of 5 years. Kirsten Corley is also the Chance’s baby mama, being a father to his adorable daughter since 2015.

Now in 2018, Chance plans to get married to his girlfriend. His brother Taylor Bennett broke the news, taking to both his Instagram and Twitter to share a post-proposal photo. The actual proposal was also caught on camera, sharing the moment with his fiancΓ© in the least extravagant way possible, which essentially doesn’t effect the special moment. Check out the full video below, and be on the lookout for more details no their actual marriage. Congrats, Chance!