Chance The Rapper Ranks Kanye’s Albums

chance the rapper ranks

Chance The Rapper Ranks all of Kanye’s albums, in response to Complex.

Yesterday, ranked each of Kanye’s studio albums in order from 9 to 1. Welp, it looks as if Chicago’s very own doesn’t agree with the list, after he took to Twitter to re-adjust some things.

Chance’s list seems to be a bit more appropriate as the fans are agreeing as well. Chance is known for his very strong opinions on certain subjects, and doesn’t let down when it comes to one of his biggest inspirations.

Last night, Chance dissed the list over Twitter:

Today, Chance made some adjustments to the list:

Do you agree with the list? Stay tuned as we may get a possible Complex response, as well as new content from Chance The Rapper in 2017.