Yes, Childish Gambino will play old music at his upcoming shows.

In a recent interview with breakfast hosts Matt and Alex, Childish Gambino spoke about his new album Awaken My Love, as well as his upcoming appearances at Falls Festival and Field Day.

Talking about the unexpected strangeness of the new album, soon led to his upcoming performances, which Gambino described as “incredible.”

“I think the audience [at PHAROS] were taken away. We took phones away so nobody was recording the entire time, and we didn’t fill it to capacity. There was enough space for people to dance and run around… so it kind of felt like you were still outside.”

The new album was a hit, but it lead many fans divided between his old music and his new. Aware of this issue, Glover told the duo he was open to perform his older tunes along side his new album depending on the crowd. “I like talking to my audience,” he said. “I really do like seeing how they feel. If we’re all feeling it, I have no problem playing some of the old stuff, I think that stuff is really cool.”

Stream Awaken My Lovehere. and check out our album review of the project here, in our latest #RhymeReview.

By Eli Watson [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons