Sadly but surely, Chris Brown was arrested, again.

Yup you heard it right, Breezy has been yet again accused of a crime. This time it involves being threatened with a gun. Baylee Curran, a frequent hangout gal of Brown’s called the LAPD early morning Tuesday around 3 AM. The LAPD showed up early morning at Chris’s “palace” where helicopters and police surrounded the place waiting for Breezy to come out.

Chris Brown supposedly threw out a bag with guns and drugs. He also supposedly barricaded himself in his house where he posted a video telling the police to basically screw off. Here’s the video:

Chris Brown supposed victim was snooping around for jewelry where a diamond cross supposedly caught her eye. Not much was reported but that, but we also hear that Brown pulled a gun on the victim, Baylee Curran. As this story unfolds, we will keep you updated. Also check this video of what the LAPD had to say about Chris Brown’s arrest:

Eva Rinaldi [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons