Chris Brown Drops New Track “Lady In The Glass Dress”


Listen to Chris Brown’s new song “Lady In The Glass Dress” below!

Yesterday, (September 17th) Chris Brown released the full version of “Lady In The Glass Dress.” The track was originally an interlude on X and wasn’t completely finished, but now we have the full 2:49 of it!

The track displays Chris Brown’s tremendous voice stealing the show. The original track on X left fans wanting more as the track seemed incomplete, but this version should satisfy Browns fanbase as its a great listen.

“Lady in a glass dress, I can see right through you / You act like you don’t want this, but you know that you do / Since he broke your heart girl, you say you’ll never love again / And you won’t let it stop girl, but we know in the end,”

You can check out this track below, and Chris Brown has also been hinting recently to a new album in the future, so stay tuned for updates on that!