Chris Conde – “Everyday” [MUSIC VIDEO]


Watch the “Everyday” music video from Chris Conde.

San Antonio based artist Chris Conde is prepping for an intricate project, and before the full fledged album arrives, he’s here with the second pre-leak. Challenging his own beliefs through a deep self evaluation, Chris finds himself at a crossroads of daily progress, patterns, and systems.

We’re met with an in depth look of Conde’s conscious as he attempts to uncover his unconscious. Everything here is A1 through wordplay, production, and cohesion. The track’s all in prep of his forthcoming project Engulfed in the Marvelous Decay, which is slated for an April 4th release. Take a peek at the visuals above, and pre-order the album through Bandcamp below.


  1. Light Repeating
  2. Mariposa
  3. Cancel Culture Blues
  4. American Faggot
  5. Everyday
  6. Sambas’ Interlude
  7. Re-emerge
  8. Okinawa
  9. The Summer of our Discontent (feat. Cecchi)
  10. Seat at the Table
  11. Leaves (feat. Rodleen Getsic)
  12. Climb
  13. Coffin Apartment (Remix)
  14. Sun

chris conde everyday
Chris Conde – Engulfed in the Marvelous Decay