clear soul forces forceswithyou album stream

Stream ForcesWithYou from Clear Soul Forces.

With an arsenal of over a decade’s worth of music, Clear Soul Forces have delivered their fifth and final studio album, and they’re really going out with a bang. With a mere 10 tracks to offer, there’s no bloat seen anywhere on the project, instead we get four emcees spitting nothing but passion and fire over top Ilajide’s key control.

We get everything you’d expect from a final project from the Detroit based collective, with a sound unheard anywhere else within the industry. It’s interesting what we’ve been receiving from the Northeastern hip hop space, and CSF captures their collective in whole through the effort. The project is also available on vinyl and CD, and you can purchase the physicals here. It won’t be their last content piece we receive from them, so keep on the lookout for the future. For now, chew on their latest and last album above on Spotify or below on your favorite platform.

clear soul forces forceswithyou
Clear Soul Forces – ForcesWithYou