Comethazine Drops New Single – “DEMI” [Stream]


Comethazine Wants Demi Lovato

Comethazine is back with a peculiar new track that focuses on Demi Lovato. The 19-year-od rapper makes it very clear in this song how much wants to be with her. Check out his new single “DEMI” above.

In this cut, Comethazine makes some odd statements about the former Disney star. After describing in great detail the sexual acts he desires to do with her, he then goes on to talk about getting her name tattooed on his shoulder. He even makes it clear that he has tried to get her attention before this track. In the song he says “Check your DMs,” possibly alluding to the fact that he has recently tried to talk to her. Well, if DMing Demi didn’t work, maybe making a song about her will.

Check out this new song and see what you think. Stay tuned for any updates on Comethazine.

Comethazine – “DEMI”