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We all know that Curren$y couldn’t get away without dropping something on 4/20, so here it is Bourbon Street Secrets. Believe it or not, this quick drop goes HARD on every song on the small extended play.

Curren$y has released 5 mixtapes this year, including The Owner’s Manual, The Carrollton Heist, Weed & Instrumentals, Revolver, and now, Bourbon Street Secrets.

So, what does this mean for Curren$y as a rapper? Should he take his hottest hits and put them all on one big mixtape or studio album? Or should he continue to drop monthly mixtapes? His many fans are convinced that EVERY track he puts out is hot. Curren$y is slowly but surely becoming a top rapper and is competing with many of the rappers who control the game.

Stream Bourbon Street Secrets above, and stay tuned with us to stay updated on Curren$y’s upcoming projects!