Daytona Starsky – “Space Boy” [MUSIC VIDEO]


Watch the Space Boy music video by Daytona Starsky above.

Brookyln has had a hell of a music scene in the past few years, specifically relating to hip hop. Today we get a Brooklyn based artist named Daytona Starsky tackling heavy verses as he skips over a trippy production while bringing a psychedelic music video to the table.

The jumpy tune is accommodated by pure talent coming from Starsky, and he’s heading to success making money moves through his music. He contemplates a destiny for space travel in his lyrics, equipped with a completely unique sound and style.

It may sound like a mess just listening to the track, but this original flow is keeping his resonance equipped for triumph. He has a similar theme coming on his forthcoming album titled MOON EP, which we can expect in the near future. Watch the Space Boy music video above as we prep for his EP and use the link below to show support for the track.


space boy
Daytona Starsky – “Space Boy”