Legendary lyricist Yasiin Bey, AKA Mos Def, has teamed up with Chicago producer Ferrari Sheppard to bring us their 4th track under the name Dec. 99th. Today we have received a track from these two titled “HYMN.” You can steam it up below.

The Track was released with a caption from Yasiin himself saying, “Condolences to the families of the slain. Never stop pursuing freedom.” Some pretty strong and deep words when one takes a look around at all of the tragedies in our country. Yasiin doesn’t stop there, in the song itself he goes on to say, “How many views, should the blood ooze? You confused? So whose on the who? Death and life, Death and life. Some things death can`t kill This is what death don`t kill – life This is what death can`t kill.”

Sheppard and Yasiin have been working together rather consistently under Dec. 99th even though Yasiin stated his retirement from music earlier this year. But one can’t complain when we receive classic Mos Def poetry over a toned-down funky loop.

Check out the song below and see what you think and stay tuned for any updates regarding Mos Def and Dec 99th.

[audiomack src=”http://www.audiomack.com/song/contraband-2/hynm”]