Deezer solidifies their commitment to the support of black artists, creators, and the culture.

With today’s day and age rapidly shifting through movements, protests, and stakeholders of the black community, Deezer is rightfully pushing a stance through their platform. The kingpins of contributors to global music and pop culture who stand at the forefront of black excellence aren’t receiving nearly the amount of credit they should, so Deezer has created a dedicated channel to the ones who are shaping the culture.

Putting the channel as a permanent feature on their explore tab, you can check playlists, podcasts, creators, musicians, and catalogs across the board. We get a deep look at the changing perspectives started by black creators. Editor’s picks will be updated weekly to showcase the all of the elements previously discussed. You can take a peek at the new Black Culture Channel here, or on the Deezer App. As Deezer takes a stance, let’s follow their footsteps and make an impact on today’s society.


deezer black culture channel