Denzel Curry Performs Live Acapella Version Of CLOUT COBAIN


Watch Denzel Curry’s CLOUT COBAIN live performance.

Denzel Curry has arguably been one of the most critically acclaimed artists to hit his big break this year, and it’s all thanks to his Taboo hit “Clout Cobain”. Today he teams with Vevo for an exclusive acapella version of the single.

Curry is breaking barriers through raw lyricism, hard vocals, and a stride to make the world a better place. His bars never seem to flail in any way, rather he brings experience to life as he spits. His writing skills can never be undermined with this man.

The live performance enhances the track that much more by providing leverage for Denzel to showcase his raw skills without the nitty gritty production (though that beat is hard). As we await new material from Denzel’s camp, take a peek at his Clout Cobain live performance.