Denzel Curry Reveals The Real Meaning Behind “Clout Cobain”


Denzel Curry clears the waters and reveals the real lyrical meaning behind “Clout Cobain”.

Denzel Curry is heavily buzzing at the moment, fresh off the release of his critically acclaimed album Taboo. Today he sits down with Genius to come clean on the real meaning behind his hit track “Clout Cobain”.

Denzel’s clear cut lyricism has given his stance as an artist, and his name is itched deeply in vocals. He claims the chorus is a shot at clout chasers, highlighting the fact of aspiring rappers’ irrational actions and mentalities.

He also tells the story of his inner thoughts, speaking on the inevitable realization of death. There has been much speculation behind this track and it’s actual meaning, but luckily Denzel clears it up. Peep his verified lyrical meaning interview with Genius above, and be on the ready for more material coming in support of Taboo.