Denzel Curry Performs “Diet_” On A Colors Show


Check Denzel Curry’s “DIET_” performance with COLORS.

Denzel Curry has been heavily popping in the mainstream wave, and his brilliant talent is landing him at one of the most critically acclaimed artists of our generation. He recently teamed up with Kenny Beats for a full fledged project titled UNLOCKED, which has since seen the likes of hefty stream across the board.

Denzel spits his best flows on this one over top the Kenny Beats-produced beat, which serves to be quite unorthodox in nature. Regardless, it goes to show just how versatile this man is. We never seem to get a consistent sound from Denzel, which is precisely what he’s trying to accomplish. It’s always fresh, and so is his latest live performance. Peep his A COLORS SHOW performance for “Diet” above.