Denzel Curry Takes splash! Mag’s Punchline Quiz


Watch Denzel Curry take a hilarious punchline quiz with splash! Mag.

Denzel Curry never fails to show off his comedic side as an artist, and today he reveals his inner hip hop knowledge with German hip hop blog splash! Mag. Denzel reads a verse from a popular rap song, is given 3 artists to choose from, and has to pick who spoke the line.

Curry actually has a great hip hop sense, only missing a couple out of the 10 lines he had to guess. If you haven’t heard Denzel’s newest hit “Percs”, it’s clear that it’s time to start giving the Florida rapper the recognition he deserves.

Fans are still waiting on his forthcoming studio LP TA13OO, but a release date is still out of reach for the knowing. Watch his latest comical punchline quiz episode above, and be on the lookout for more content coming from Denzel in the near future.