Denzel Curry feat. Joey Bada$$ – “Zenith” [MUSIC VIDEO]


Watch the Zenith music video by Denzel Curry above.

With a feature from Joey Bada$$ and a track off of Denzel’s Imperial, you know the visual was going to be a bit odd. Regardless of the weirdness of the visual, the Zenith music video brings quite a bit hidden meaning.

Denzel Curry, who was one of this years XXL Freshman, brings a heavy flow even though it is a complete flow switch from his regular style. The track itself brings a different tone than what Denzel is used to. His usual “scream” rap flow was nowhere to be found on this track.

That is not a bad thing, as Joey makes up for the loss of direction. The music video has an odd meaning as Denzel is stuck in a blank room being watched by what can only be described as a nobody.

Joey takes a turn as he enters the room of people watching the blank room through a screen. Watch the Zenith music video yourself to see just how strange the visual is.