Desiigner: “I Am Def Jam” [NEW DOCUMENTARY]


Watch a new Desiigner documentary called “I Am Def Jam” above.

With the new artist touching stardom, his major record label Def Jam released a short film to honor the young talent who has gained a lot of attraction recently. In the new Desiigner documentary, the artist describes what is was like coming up from the streets and not wanting to sell drugs.

Desiigner also pays a visit back to his parents house. He tells a story about a young man who was destined to make it through music.


Music saved me.

After his radio hit Panda, Desiigner continues to prosper in hip hop on all ends of the spectrum. Striking a major record label with Def Jam was definitely something needed for Desiigner to get his talents off the ground.

Watch the new Desiigner documentary I Am Def Jam above, and be prepared to hear new content from the artist shortly.