DJ Khaled Becomes Principle Of A Middle School In Miami For A Day


DJ Khaled is a huge hit on the app Snapchat.  Every day he posts videos on his “Keys to Success”  A lot of people thought these posts were funny and his posts went viral.

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People will post about their “Major Keys” to be successful in life. You can go on the Snapchat app and add “djkhaled305″ or scan his snap code here: [spacer height=”default”]


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But DJ Khaled did something different today.

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DJ Khaled visited Carol City Middle School in Miami, Florida today.  At this middle school, DJ Khaled became the principal for the day.

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DJ Khaled blessed the children with his “Keys to Success” and proved that he could be a great principal.

Check the Tweet here:

Maybe DJ Khaled will be the principal of your school some day.

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Image Via Pigeons & Planes on Twitter